Samstag, 31. August 2013

Photo a Day - August, 31st: Dangerous

Looks more dangerous than Jonny is. He loves to play and frolic a lot, his brother prefers to cuddle and being lazy *lol*


Well and chocolate is always very dangerous!
The Lady at the shop was even more dangerous, when i asked her politely if i may take a pic of the chocolate, she acted like i asked if i can try every single truffle for free *lol*

A Word a Week and a Pink Saturday

I found the pink flowers hidden in the hedge

Travel theme: Distance

Travel theme: Distance

And in the distance you can see the hilltops of various mountains of the Bavarian Forest National Park

Freitag, 30. August 2013

500. Post

Nebelverhangen hat die Sonne der Kamera für den 500. Post entgegen geblinzelt, wer hätte gedacht, dass ich so häufig auf diesem Blog posten würde, als ich ihn im vergangenen Jahr gestartet habe. Danke für den Anstoß, liebe Simone!

On a foggy Morning i took the pics for my 500th post, who knew i would blog so often here, when i started this Blog last year....

Weekend Reflections

Happy Friday

Photo a Day - August, 30th: Cluttered

A cluttered sign


Orange you glad it`s Friday?

I found these lovely Flowers in Hamburg and it whispered "Capture me!"

FMTSO: Vibrant Colours

I hope you like my vibrant colours

Skywatch Friday

Sleepwalking and Skywatching

Ganz nah dran

Eine morgendliche Radtour bringt auch immer schöne neue Bilder ein.
Diesmal für Sabine Gimm`s "Ganz nah dran" Ich sag nur: Spinne am Morgen....

Weekend Flowers

Have a happy start into the Weekend

Floral Love check for new rules!

Donnerstag, 29. August 2013

Sunday Stills - Back of Things

The Back of Things, i chose this statue for the lates Sunday Stills challenge

Photo a Day - August, 29th: Lucky

Luck = Glück
I was lucky to find these lovely cards with the best wishes for Luck


Beauty is where you find it - Das große Licht

Untergang des großen Lichts

Luzia Pimpinella will von uns "Das große Licht"
Der Vorteil im 7. Stock zu wohnen ist, dass man wirklich einen tollen Ausblick auf den Sonnenuntergang hat und natürlich auch den Sonnenaufgang, wobei der Sonnenuntergang immer früher ist und mittlerweile hinter dem Haus stattfindet...schade.

Aufgang des großen Lichts

Cee’s Black & White Challenge

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Your Favorite Thing or Things to Photograph

My favourite things to Photograph are Flowers and everything about Nature and i love Macro shots very much

Photo Challenge: Look Up, Look Down

The path, 1300 meters  long,  winds up to an impressive tower  with a height of 44 meters. You will discover an extraordinary and almost “borderless” view. Towards Lusen and Rachel mountains you will find the untouched wilderness and the sea of trees in the Bavarian and the bohemian forest.  Towards Neuschönau it will be the vast cultural landscape and, on a clear and sunny day, even the silhouette of the alps.

Thursday Challenge: Fire

New Year`s fireworks 2012/2013 i love what my camera made out of the fireworks...

*sings* Last Christmas....

Mittwoch, 28. August 2013

Photo a Day - August, 28th: Corridor

Outside Corridor


Water World Wednesday

Happy Water World Wednesday

Fresh Water leaving the sewage disposal facility

At the Planetarium in Hamburg

Wordless Wednesday

Why is there a rock on the hedge?

Wordless Wednesday

Himmlisches aus dem Norden


Dienstag, 27. August 2013

Fun Foto Challenge: Blue and Yellow

Fun Foto Challenge: Blue and Yellow 



Last rose of summer?

Photo a Day - August, 27th: 10 Minutes from Home

Fatmumslim`s Photo a Day wants to see what is 10 Minutes away from home...

10 Walking Minutes away:

10 Bicycle Minutes away

10 Car Minutes away

Fensterblick am Ruby Tuesday

When i saw this house on Sunday i had to stop and take a pic.

Dieses hübsche Haus hat mich am Sonntag förmlich gezwungen anzuhalten