Freitag, 30. Januar 2015

Friday Greens

Enjoy the green garden gates in the snow

Weekend Reflections

Skywatch Friday

When we spent some days at the Bavarian Wood near Miltach

Friday My Town Shoot Out - Wide Angle

Our Castle

I am back ;-) Last summer i took quite some wide angle shots and now i am happy to share them with you. Maybe you will like them.

Castle Bridge

Castle Bridge

Just a path where i love to walk, in the meadow next to it are lots of cool photo objects if you look close enough

This is one of those photo objects

Fall flowers in the allotment gardens

in the allotment gardens

A Tunnel in our town

The small farmer`s market on Wednesday mornings

Shopping Area

Shopping Area

Donnerstag, 29. Januar 2015

Orange you glad it`s Flower Friday?

Dreaming of Spring

BIWYFI - Cocooning

Jacky hat hat sich unter meiner Jacke eingeigelt

Ich freue mich, denn ich habe gerade entdeckt, dass Beauty is where you find it zurück ist. Das Thema Cocooning klingt kuschelig und genau richtig bei dem Schietwetter da draußen.

Jonny testet die neue Kuscheldecke fürs Auto

Das fluffige Kissen gehört Moni und keinem sonst

Mittwoch, 28. Januar 2015

Water World Wednesday

Winter Edition

Outdoor Wednesday

Wednesday around the World

That is what the World looked like when we left on Saturday

The pics are from the past saturday. We had our very first snow and likely our last one too.

About 10 Km from  home there was already more snow

And when we came home 90 minutes later we had some more snow and i grabbed my cam to take some pics before all the winter is gone and it`s grey and rainy again...

Dienstag, 27. Januar 2015

Dienstags gehts rund

HIER gehts rund

Können wir Tomaten als rund gelten lassen?

Oder doch lieber ein rundes Fenster? Aber das hatten wir schon beim Fensterprojekt.

Vielleicht die Deckenlampe, die sich rund aufbaut?

Also die Räder der alten Kutsche sind definitv rund