Freitag, 25. Oktober 2013

FMTSO - Mystery

How many mysteries are hidden in Hamburg? The skyline after sunset...

Mystery of another kind:

This fugly thing is called "Der Muschelläufer" our town paid 25.000 € for it and it`s still a mystery to me, why they set up something that fugly. Our Town isn`t really pretty, but this caps it all!


  1. Boah...ich liebe Hamburg ! Und die Skyline...Hammer !

    LG und ein schönes WE

  2. Heavenly days that is ugly. A great shot.

  3. They spent the money because it was probably public money to begin with. Crazy way to spend it in my opinion!

  4. I swear certain arty people think if it's butt ugly it must be good. And that is butt ugly. Great for the topic though! :)