Mittwoch, 2. Oktober 2013

Which Way

I had a weird day yesterday. 5,5 hours at hospital and 97% of that time i just spent waiting. 
Then i took the Bus to the Undergroundstation, the train only took me half the way and then i had to exit to another Bus, bcs there was a building lot on the route. With the Bus it took way longer  than usual, to the station where the Underground was working again, at the station i had to wait for the next train home. When i was finally at my home station the Bus was gone and i would have had to wait another 30 Minutes! I was really annoyed, so i spoiled myself with a scoop of hazelnut icecream and decided to walk the way home, so i could get rid of my anger  and take some pics. In the end my walk took longer than the 30 Minutes until the Bus arrived, but i think my walk was way more relaxing...

Which Way will you go?


  1. I sometimes do that on Saturdays after my zumba class. I amble home because I haven't the energy to go faster, and I always have my camera. So many lovely flowers in the gardens along the way. I like your acorns :)