Freitag, 27. Dezember 2013

FMTSO - Holiday Traditions

Our Tradition is meeting on Christmas Eve at my sister in law for Raclette and gifting.
The "important" day in Germany is the 24th of December


  1. Here in Sweden too it is Christmas Eve that is the focus of celebrations :)

  2. Such a happy way to celebrate and the food looks appetizing too. I wonder how the tradition of celebrating with gifts became Christmas Eve for some countries and Christmas Day for others.

  3. The Christmas tree is beautiful. Happy New Year Simone.

  4. Oh, that tree looks so festive with all the sunbursts (or are they called something else when they look more like stars?) In my family we mix up the traditions a bit, have our Christmas meal as a family on Christmas Eve and the gift giving on Christmas Day. We've changed how we do things over the years as the children have grown, don't worry about what's traditional, just what works best for us as a family.

    Happy New Year!