Freitag, 5. Juli 2013

Choices - Qual der Wahl

Welches Buch soll ich lesen?
Which Book should i read?

Choices for my Friday Town Shootout
Jeden Tag muss man viele Male die Wahl treffen

Welche Blumen nehme ich mit?
Which Flowers to pick?

Welchen Salat möchte ich haben?
Which Salad should i chose?

Welche Süßigkeit ist nach meinem Geschmack?
Which Sweets should i grab?


  1. Sometimes there are so many choices out there it is hard to do. When I was very young we did not have so many things to choose from. It sometimes confuses me. I also have food and flowers in my shots. Nice array of photos.

  2. I would like one of each please! Not all at once, but eventually.

  3. I agree with Peggy - sometimes there are just too many choices. You cover three of my favourite things...books, food and flowers. How can I choose just one? I'll be good just this once and choose the healthy looking food.

  4. Das nennt man dann wohl...Die Qual der Wahl !

    LG und schönes WE

  5. love the food and candy.... the actual and the photos.

  6. What super pictures for this topic.

  7. Too many choices of food to choose, I would have a headache which one to choose!